Portugal 23-28 Spril 2023

In connection with meetings in European Ramblers Association, where Steen is board member, we hiked from 24 - 28 April 2023 on parts of the Historical Way and the Fishermen's Trail. Both are parts of the famous Rota Vicentina.

The Historical Way is certified as Leading Quality Trails  - Best of Europe and is also part of the longest coastal trail in Europe: the E-path E9. E9 runs from Tallin in Estonia in the north to Tarifa in Spain in the south.

We used the website of Rota Vicentina to find the route. Navigation was easy and done on the app of Outdooractive, which is an integrated part of the website.

Look at our tracks in Outdooractive to see more pictures.

We used Vicentina Transfers for luggage transfer underway. They were very effective and good, can be recommended.


Official site: https://rotavicentina.com/en/

Historical Way: https://rotavicentina.com/en/caminho-historico/

Fishermens Trail: https://rotavicentina.com/en/fishermens-trail/

YouTube: youtube.com/results?search_query=Rota+Vicentina+-+Historical+Way

Outdooractive: out.ac/F47YZ

Luggage transfer: Vicentina transfers.

Here is our report.

23 april

Transportation by bus from Lisbon to Santiago do Cachem (not by ambulance :-)  ).

Bus was booked at https://www.omio.com/ 
Hotel was booked at booking.com.
We stayed at this hotel in Santiago do Cachem.

24 april, Santiago to Vale Seco.

The section was 20 km long and passed through nice landscapes. See more pictures in our track.

Cork trees

Cooling beers

We stayed at this hotel in two nights in Cercal.

25 april, Vale Seco to Cercal.

We took a taxi from Cercal back to the route and walked a shortened part to Cercal due to the heat.

The lake along the trail.

The lake lacked a lot of water, several meters

25 april is Freedom Day in Portugal, which was celebrated in Cercal.

26 april, Cercal to Porto Covo.

We chose to change from the Historical Way to Fishermen's Trail to try both inland and coastal trail. This section brought us to the coast.

Lunch underway

Cooling feet

The pig clearly enjoyed the cooling water.

The harbour of Porto Covo

27 April, Porto Covo to Vila Nova de Milfonte.

Due to the heat and heavy sand on the route, we shortened the route and included another track. We took a taxi to the new startpoint.

Nice beach and coast

A cap full of sweat. BeActive Be Hot :-)

Heavy sand on the trail

Cooling beers

Blister du to the heat and too warm feet

28 April, Vale Nova de Milfonte

As we had to return to Lisbon by bus rather early, we couldn't follow the plan to Almograve. So we made a local walk instead in Milfonte.

We took the ferry across the river

Atlantic Ocean

Nice cooling

Back to Milfonte

We walked overthere before

In the bus on our way back to Lisbon.


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